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What Are the Different Types of Wires an Electrician Deals With?

Electrical wiring is a series of conductors and other associated devices which carry electricity. The different kinds of electrical installation wiring which are used does vary depending on 3 factors, these are the purpose, the quantity of electricity carried, and its location. For instance, a home does not need as much power than let’s say an office building. Which means the correct wiring system must be able to maximize energy efficiency in a safe and proper manner.

The wires are sometimes referred to as electrical conductors. These are usually made out of copper as this is an extremely good current transmitter. They will always be insulated, so they will protect the conductor against any damage. Insulation can use the likes of plastic and fiber. The kind of insulation used will greatly depend on where the wiring is going to be installed.

Stranded wires are usually used in residential houses. They consist of various small-gauge, solid wires which will be wrapped around the main wire. The stranded wire will increase how much electrical power can be carried. It is also used because it is extremely flexible and simple to shape, which is good for fitting it behind walls and corners in a home.

Wiring systems which are found outside must be able to withstand all the various different elements. Common insulators for exterior wires include thermoplastics. The type of Insulation on this kind of system must be able to stand up against ultra-violet rays. Fiber-optic and wireless systems could change the future of wiring in residential properties. For instance, the more traditional copper wiring could be replaced by fiber-optic ones, these use light pulses to house electric currents.

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