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Here’s The Cost To Replace A Breaker (And Why It May Not Be Necessary)

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Circuit Breaker?The average cost to replace a single breaker in a home’s electrical panel is between $120 and $200. That’s for a professional electrician to do the job (which is recommended). But, a breaker is rarely broken when there’s a problem.

For instance, people often call us and ask about replacing a breaker because it keeps tripping. Well, in that case, the breaker is probably just fine! In fact, it sounds like it’s doing its job just right: Shutting off power before you experience a bigger problem.

Remember: a circuit breaker prevents an excess load of electricity from traveling through your home’s wiring and to your appliances and electronics. So, if it keeps tripping, it’s responding to an issue somewhere else.

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That’s to say: You don’t need to replace the breaker! Instead, you need a professional to troubleshoot and find and fix the root problem. 

And, you’ll want to do it sooner rather than later. Sure, a breaker is designed to trip. But you still don’t want it shutting off all the time. That’s extra wear and tear. And, you’re ignoring electrical surge after electrical surge in your house. 

Imagine that every time your breaker trips, it’s like tapping a window pane with a hammer. Sure, once or twice is fine. But, eventually, that glass will weaken and shatter! 

That’s like what happens to your electrical system when the breaker keeps.

Of course, it’s also still possible that you need to replace a breaker. After all, it’s still a component that can break down or wear out over time. 

So, in this article, we’ll go through when to replace a circuit breaker or breaker switch. And when you should expect to do so. 

And we’ll also address what people are usually experiencing: Why a breaker keeps tripping and what to do about it. 

But either way, it’s always essential to have a professional electrician troubleshoot any problems with your wiring, electrical service, or breaker panel. 

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Here at Your Home Solutions, we’ve been keeping our neighbors in Blue Bell and other towns safe through the proper use of electricity since 2008. So, keep reading to learn more, and don’t hesitate to call us at (215) 768-8102 if you notice a problem in your home. We’re available 24 hours a day, and you’ll speak to a live electrician whenever you call. 

There Are A Few Reasons Your Circuit Breaker TripsDo Breakers Go Bad?

Yes, a circuit breaker, or breaker switch, in a home’s electrical panel can go bad. Over time, the components can corrode, rust, or wear out. Or, if it trips all the time, the inner parts can overhear, melt, or otherwise physically break.

Once again, however, it’s important to remember that a breaker switch constantly tripping is not broken! Instead, it’s preventing another problem from getting worse.

But, letting it trip over and over again can damage the switch.

Signs That A Circuit Breaker Has Gone Bad

The most obvious sign that a circuit breaker has gone bad is if it’s warm when you touch it. Or if there’s a burning smell coming from it. Another sign is if it doesn’t stay off when you manually reset it. Popping back into “On” mode usually means it has a problem.

If you smell burning or notice a hot circuit breaker, shut off the power to your home and call your electrician immediately! You’re at great risk of a fire breaking out. The switch is likely not doing its job properly anymore and is overloaded.

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Other signs of problems are rust or corrosion (that white lime buildup you see on electrical components sometimes). These signs aren’t as dire as a burning smell or a warm breaker. But, you shouldn’t wait on these, either.

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